2017 Survey of Doctorate Recipients

Contact NSF or SDR Data Collection Staff

If you would like to reach the survey sponsor, the National Science Foundation (NSF), for example to review results from past rounds of the SDR, please go to the NSF's SDR Homepage.

Please feel free to contact SDR Data Collection Staff at NORC with any other questions or issues you may have regarding the SDR Study, or to request a questionnaire, using one of the following methods:

You may reach NORC by telephone (toll-free) at 1-800-685-1663.

Or you may send an e-mail to NORC at SDR@norc.uchicago.edu.

Finally, you may also reach NORC via U.S. mail at the following address:

2017 Survey of Doctorate Recipients
55 E Monroe St.
Ste. 1900
Chicago, IL 60603-9914

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